• Inspiring women leaders in healthcare

    From the moment I completed my professional training as a general and psychiatric nurse in Dublin,  Ireland, my dream was to work abroad and make a difference in the industry, not only as a healthcare professional but also as a woman. My introduction to the Middle Eastern healthcare market was in 1985, where I started [...]
  • Preparing for health care cybersecurity threats

    Today, the way health care organisations manage and use information underpins their ability to function and grow. However, fully protecting information assets and intellectual property is proving increasingly challenging. According to recent surveys, executives rank improvement of cybersecurity as their top priority in 2017. This ranking is a recognition of the widening gap between the [...]
  • Collaborative leadership is the key to success for the region’s changing healthcare industry

    The MENA region is currently witnessing a major socio-economic transformation. Efforts in the healthcare industry are now focused on increasing the level and capacity of public and private services to meet a larger demand, fueled by an increasing population and the hope of an improved quality of life. The growing investment in education and the [...]